Talk custom framing with us.

With over 50 years of experience, and millions of feet in moulding produced each year, we know a thing or two about what goes into a quality custom frame. Read on to discover the details for yourself.

What’s it like to frame with one of our designers?

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We can frame anything.

With custom frames, prints, mirrors, corkboards, shadowboxes and more — nothing you want to frame is too off-the-wall.

The Anatomy of a Frame


Most people just call this the frame. We have over 250 mouldings for you to choose from, all assembled in the U.S.

The piece of glass or acrylic that protects your artwork.

Colored or fabric-wrapped boards that create space between your artwork and glazing, and provide a visual transition between your moulding and art.

Clear “pockets”, strips of tape or tape hinges used to attach your artwork to the backing board.

Rigid foam core board that supports and protects your artwork.

Metal pieces used to permanently hold your glass, artwork and backing materials in place.

Pressure-sensitive foil tape can be added to custom frame orders to provide an additional barrier between your moulding and artwork.

A sheet of acid free paper attached to the back of your custom frame to prevent contaminants from damaging your artwork.

Refers to any of our five types of hanging hardware. This sample uses a no-wire hanger that makes installation easy.

Small rubber pieces that help protect your wall from damage and keep your artwork hanging straight.

Find your frame with curated collections.

Our in-store custom frames are organized in six distinct collections to help you easily discover styles that suit your art and your space.


Classic Elegance


Modern Simplicity


Industrial Design


Global Market


Rustic Casual


Aaron Brothers Essentials

Choosing a mat (or mats)

Mats help draw your eye to the art they surround. They can also be used to add light, contrast and sophistication to a display. When you design a custom frame, you’ll want to consider the size, layout and color of your mat(s).


No Mat

Forgoing a mat keeps your frame design clean and simple.


Double Mat

Layered mats can be used to create a striking border around your art.


Multiple Openings

Create a collage mat with custom openings to highlight multiple images.


Border Widths

Thin mats provide contrast while maintaining a modern, minimalist look.



Weighted or offset mats place images off-center for a dramatic look.


Specialty Cuts

Create custom-shaped openings and add extra details like v-shaped grooves.

Choosing the right glass or acrylic

A clear finish is ideal for most art, whether acrylic or glass. Non-glare acrylic diffuses light to make your art more visible when near a window, but it softens colors.


Conservation Clear Glass


Masterpiece® Glass


Conservation Clear Acrylic


Masterpiece® Acrylic

Elevate your frame.

Take your design to the next level with special custom options.



Fillets are thin picture frame mouldings that can be placed between your mat and art to create extra visual interest.


Brass Plate

Personalize your frame with an engraved brass plate — perfect for names, dates and locations.


Hanging Hardware

Work with a designer to choose from five options for hanging hardware, and find the one that works best for your specific frame.